Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance

NOTE:  These rules are subject to change pending the outcome of Hennepin County District Court Case Minnesota Chamber of Commerce et al v. City of Minneapolis, Court File No. 27-CV-16-15051. The case is currently on appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Overview of Mpls SSTO
Beginning July 1, 2017, employees will accrue sick and safe time at one hour per 30 hours worked and be compensated while using sick and safe time at normal rates of pay and benefits.
Employees may use sick and safe time for their own health and certain family members’ illness, injury or health conditions; or appointments for diagnosis, care, treatment or preventive care. ​Employees may use sick time to stay home with a family member during emergency closure of school or place of care, including closure due to inclement weather.
Victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking may use sick and safe time to receive medical treatment and other necessary services. ​

Who is affected?

  • Employers with six or more employees that do not already provide comparable or more generous time off must provide paid sick and safe time.
  • Employers with fewer than six employees must provide sick and safe time; it may be unpaid.
  • Employees who work at least 80 hours per year within Minneapolis.

How will it be enforced?
​The City of Minneapolis will implement enforcement in phases. ​The Department of Civil Rights will investigate complaints but will work proactively and collaboratively with employers. Penalties may vary as needed to gain cooperation and compliance. Retaliation against ​employees is strictly prohibited.

Now What?

  • Employers can start preparing by reviewing current tracking, record-keeping and time-off policies.
  • Contact Support if you need assistance setting up a tracking plan for your Sick Time


Employer Checklist

Employee Notice Posting

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