ICBM Services Announces Payroll Services Partnership

The ICBM Services Board has selected Press Gold Group as the Endorsed Provider of payroll services. The endorsement provides ICBM members access to the same leading-edge payroll technology as large payroll companies, but at a cost point that can save them substantial sums when accumulated over the years.

“The ICBM Services board seeks to answer one very important question when we’re considering a new endorsed product or service: Does the provider offer enough value at the right price point for our banks to seriously consider using them?” said Bill LaVigne, CCO at The Bank of Elk River, and Chair of ICBM Services during the vetting process. “In the case of Press Gold, the answer was ‘yes,’ that’s why they received our endorsement.”

Press Gold offers local servicing, leading-edge technology, and ICBM Services board members all indicated their respective community banks could save on payroll expenses if they took advantage of the ICBM Services negotiated pricing.

“As a long-time supporter of ICBM and the community banking industry, we’re excited to have Press Gold Group as our newest endorsed provider,” said ICBM Chief Development Officer and SVP Greg D. McCurry. “I look forward to their increased engagement and sharing of payroll services technology, expertise and strong customer service that will benefit our membership.”

Press Gold Owner and President Carl Pressman expressed his enthusiasm about the endorsement. “It’s about giving ICBM Members access to the most advanced payroll services available, a top-notch local Minnesota support team and very competitive pricing exclusive to the membership,” he said.

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